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There are times that I love the soft and glowing effects of watercolour, and other times I enjoy the bright opacity of acrylics on canvas, especially the long narrow canvas shapes. Owning a small herd of alpacas, fibre is an ongoing interest. I also love the chubby shapes of sheep. Both alpacas and sheep often appear in my paintings.

"Maasai Welcome" reflects my trip to Africa, where I was amazed at the wonderful colours and patterns of the women's garb. Colour Wheel represents the coloured houses of Newfoundland and the Maritimes, and "Arctic Pals" portrays the dilemma of the polar bears with the ever-decreasing ice mass.

Move mouse over the thumbnails to see enlargements.

Arctic Pals Maasai Welcome #2 Moonlight Gathering
Sheep Shapes Colour Wheal
It's Cold Outside

Arctic Pals

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