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Mixed Media    

The paintings evolve as they progress, with the question of “what if?”. Lemon Squares are delicious - what do I need to bake them? In a stream, what if the frogs and the seal-birds coexist happily? What memories do I have of Kluane, in the Yukon? What if?

The paintings all have a base of watercolour - and then the sky is the limit! With “what if?” I add gouache, powdered charcoal, metallics, gel pens, printmaking, stencilling, acrylic ink, ink, coloured pencils - and often a multi-image painting is the result.  Often it looks like collage - but isn’t.

Move mouse over the thumbnails to see enlargements.

In the Sheets Tea on the Rocks Kluane Snow
Not all Greek Lemon Squares
Streamlife #1

In the Sheets

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